News of The Passing of Our Beloved Chairman, Marc Berson

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Dear Opportunity Project members, families and supporters,

We are heartbroken to share the news of the passing of our beloved Chairman, Marc Berson.

Many of you knew Mr. Berson personally and are well aware of his exceptional achievements as a lawyer, developer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. However, for the Opportunity Project Clubhouse family, his role as founder of our organization sits atop that long list of accomplishments.

After his son suffered a traumatic brain injury, Mr. Berson established Opportunity Project in 1993 to fill a significant gap in community services for individuals with traumatic brain injuries. Excellent acute medical care and rehabilitation services were available, but effective transitional and reintegration services were absent within the community. In time, Mr. Berson and his team’s extensive research resulted in the identification of a nationally recognized program — the Clubhouse model of community support.

When Opportunity Project was founded, it served five members. It has since improved the lives of more than 600 individuals affected by traumatic brain injuries and their families — and is now housed within a 14,000-square-foot facility in Millburn, New Jersey. Mr. Berson’s kindness was limitless. Despite his prominence, Mr. Berson was down-to-earth and always made time to visit the Clubhouse to join in our community events, celebrate member achievements and share how proud he was of the Opportunity Project family.

He leaves behind a legacy that will forever be remembered by our Clubhouse members and team.

Read more about his life and contributions in this article:

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