The Clubhouse

The Opportunity Project ClubhouseSince 1993, OP’s primary focus has been the continued development of a creative and supportive environment that would meet the unique and varied needs of adults with brain injuries.

The program founders identified the National Clubhouse Program Model of community reintegration. OP was the first and is still the only service delivery system of its kind in New Jersey.

Each year the Clubhouse has been expanded and modified to meet the abilities and needs of our members, Empowering people with brain injury on a daily basis, our programs continue to enrich the lives of the thousands of supporters, families, friends, and members. A brighter, larger, interactive space has enabled Opportunity Project’s individuals to flourish.

The Clubhouse Program is a supportive network of members who participate in a work-oriented environment where they develop and engage in practical, functional community work and living skills. The program is designed to address the vocational, cognitive, behavioral, social and emotional difficulties which individuals affected by brain injury frequently experience as they try to resume their lives.

Members and staff work together to plan and carry out the wide variety of jobs, tasks, and functions needed each day to operate the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse location, program structure, activities, and staff-member relationship emphasize the important of self determination and community self-sufficiency following brain injury.