Opportunity Project ProgramsTHE CLUBHOUSE PROGRAM…

The Clubhouse Program is divided into units, which incorporate all program operations and activities, while providing training for members to learn key vocational and daily living skills to assist them in their everyday life.

  • Communications Unit:  Members learn and assist with the production of correspondence, the member newsletter, monthly calendar, greeting cards, invitations and flyers.  They also manage clerical activities such as reception, telephones, faxing, and copying with the support of staff.  This unit also manages computer technology and related projects. This unit also writes and prints a monthly member newsletter and calendar as an outreach to all members.
  • Resource Identification Unit: Includes activities and training in transportation planning, community resources, banking skills and shopping skills.  Members also participate in skill development activities in reading, writing and cognitive training.
  • Social & Recreational Community Integration Program: Housed within the Resource Unit, this program focuses on recreation in the community such as plays, movies, lunches, shopping and other activities.  Members also plan and implement special events such as holiday, birthday and anniversary celebrations.
  • The Nutrition Program:  Funded by the Merck Foundation, this unit provides formal awareness and education to our members on proper nutrition.  Staffed by a part-time nutritionist, the goal of this program is to increase awareness on the part of our members of not only food as directed by appetite, but as directed by nutritional requirements necessary to create a healthy mind/body connection.
  • The Health and Wellness Program: This program includes education, meal planning and preparation provided by a Chef/educator and class educator from the Diabetes Foundation. Yoga classes, including adaptive yoga techniques are also funded and held twice per month.
  • Vocational Unit: This unit includes Work Evaluation, Work Adjustment Training and Supported Employment programs.  Opportunity Project is affiliated with local county offices of The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and provides a 25 day on site community evaluation and 90 day work adjustment training to individuals referred by the DVR as well as to any interested members.  Both group and individual sessions are provided on a variety of topics such as resume writing, work ethics, behavior, interviewing skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Case Management:  Designed to assist members who require the services of multiple professionals, agencies, and health care providers.  The Case Manager assists members with funding issues, housing, transportation and other life issues that affect their quality of life. Members also receive support in self advocacy.
  • Adjustment Counseling:  Our part-time adjustment counselor provides individual and group counseling to members on adjustment issues, as well as on substance abuse, hygiene and other relevant topics.
  • Veterans Program: We are proud to announce our partnership with the Veterans Administration in East Orange, NJ (VA New Jersey Health Care System) and a generous grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation to provide vocational services to Veterans who have sustained a brain injury.
  • Speakers’ Bureau: Opportunity Project members are trained to educate men, women and children throughout the community about what it is like to live through and to live with a brain injury. The speakers have been taught to combine firsthand experience of living with a brain injury and general knowledge of statistical information to create and deliver highly inspiring, motivational and informative presentations. Each speaker has a unique, life-altering story that connects with all types of audiences. Because each speaker once lived without a brain injury, he or she has the ability to connect with audiences. Brain injury awareness and prevention are critical. To learn more about the Speaker’s Bureau or to schedule a speaking engagement, please email