Opportunity Project ProgramsTHE CLUBHOUSE PROGRAM…

The Opportunity Project Clubhouse is a community intended for Members with brain injury to create and engage in meaningful activities in order to attain their goals and sustain daily functioning of the program. Members of the OP Member Committee recently assisted with the reorganization of the units at Opportunity Project in order to improve focus on their functional tasks. Members choose which work unit(s) to participate in based on interest and experience, and structure their day around their individual goals and the required Clubhouse tasks. Clubhouse services and programs are provided by employed staff of Opportunity Project. Our program is comprised of five units, incorporating all operations and activities:

  • Maintenance Unit: Tasks which support the overall functioning of the physical Clubhouse space and equipment including, organization, inventory, daily tech support and sanitizing.

  • Communication Unit: Activities that facilitate the exchange of Clubhouse information including, Member outreach, leading meetings and contributing to the Member Newsletter.

  • Recreation Unit: Focuses on creating and executing social activities and events.

  • Health and Safety Unit: Assists with physical and mental health and wellness including, providing peer-to-peer support, accessibility checks and emergency preparedness.

  • Administrative Unit: Contributes to the interior management of the Clubhouse, such as answering phones, welcoming guests, sorting and delivering mail.

The OP Speakers’ Bureau is part of the Communication Unit: Opportunity Project members are trained to educate men, women and children throughout the community about what it is like to live through and to live with a brain injury. The speakers have been taught to combine firsthand experience of living with a brain injury and general knowledge of statistical information to create and deliver highly inspiring, motivational and informative presentations. Each speaker has a unique, life-altering story that connects with all types of audiences. Because each speaker once lived without a brain injury, he or she has the ability to connect with audiences. Brain injury awareness and prevention are critical. To learn more about the Speaker’s Bureau or to schedule a speaking engagement, please email