G’s Story

With his winning and outgoing personality, G knew that he had a lot to offer employers.

However, his resume did not fully reflect all of his past employment accomplishments nor the viable skills and strong motivation that he had to offer employers.

Adding to the challenge, G had his sights set on two employers, one for whom he had worked previously. G was certain that these employers would hire him without hesitation. Even with his strong self confidence and desirable work experiences, G was not hired. In spite of his disappointment, G maintained an open mind, his confidence and his determination remained strong.

G’s interviewing techniques were closely reviewed and intensely practiced. As a result, G was able to gain greater competence in responding to questions with more spontaneity, brevity, and ease. With his new level of confidence, comfort and knowledge, G persevered. He was able to arrange another interview and this time, G obtained the job and was pleased to be working for a new employer.

During his first two years of employment, G was awarded several salary increases as well as a promotion to his present full time sales position. Now, in his fifth year of successful employment, G continues to be a most valuable employee because of his enthusiasm, great salesmanship, and strong pride he takes in his work.