J’s Story

In spite of his brain injury, J never lost his determination and motivation to overcome the obstacles and hardships imposed by his brain injury.

J knew he still possessed solid computer skills. With his strong attention to details, pleasing and helpful disposition, and strong desire to acquire new skills, J knew that he would be a valuable asset to any employer.

J entered the vocational program at Opportunity Project with great skepticism. With his slow speech and limited vocational options, J was not sure how or if he would benefit from attending Opportunity Project. However, in spite of these feelings, J maintained an open mind and positive attitude.

In time, he came to realize that he was accomplishing considerably more than he had expected. Through the efforts of Opportunity Project’s vocational counselors, J developed effective public speaking skills and gained greater self esteem and social confidence. He was no longer fearful of the challenges that lay ahead of him. J’s brain injury had become a driving force to reach his goals.

J’s path towards re employment began with a job sampling at a local counseling center where he trained employees on the computer and contributed to the writing of a volunteer manual. Feeling more directed, focused, and motivated, J enrolled in school and obtained his certification in tax preparation.

J currently is the owner of a thriving and successful home based tax preparation business.