T’s Story

When T’s brain injury resulted in paralysis of his right side, he abandoned his dream of becoming a self supporting artist.

However, he never lost his passion for painting. T knew he wanted to use his knowledge and love of art to help others enrich their own lives and well being, but believed that this could never be accomplished.

Thinking that his dreams were out of reach, T came to Opportunity Project feeling shy and withdrawn. He perceived his painting talents to have no value as his sense of self was now defined by his brain injury.

While attending the vocational program at Opportunity Project, T began to explore career options within the field of visual arts. This started T to consider museum curating as a possible profession. The vocational counselor arranged an informational interview at an art museum. The curator there was so impressed by T’s talents, passion, and knowledge that a volunteer position was created which enabled T to bring his appreciation of the beauty and healing power of art to people with disabilities.

Through his various research, presentation writing, and tour activities at the art museum, T now visualizes a meaningful and productive life for himself. Under the supervision of the museum’s Education Coordinator, T has been able to develop the essential research skills, writing proficiency, and public speaking abilities which will enhance his employability as a museum curator.

Recently, T curated an exhibit titled “Struggles of Mankind” which chronicles his journey through brain injury recovery.