Speaker’s Bureau

The Opportunity Project Speakers’ Bureau has a simple mission…to raise the awareness of acquired and traumatic brain injuries by sharing the trials and tribulations of actual people living with brain injuries.

The members at OP educate men, women, and children throughout the community about what it is like to live with a brain injury, and what drives the Clubhouse on a daily basis.

Through an on-site training program, the speakers have been mentored how to combine firsthand experience of living with a brain injury and general knowledge medical and statistical information to create and deliver highly inspiring, motivational, and informative presentations.

Each speaker has a unique, life-altering story that connects with all types of audiences. Because each speaker once lived without a brain injury, he or she has the ability to connect with audiences depending on individual situations.

The Bureau is prepared to create and deliver 30 minute programs to:

  • K-12 Schools
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Associations (Chambers of Commerce, rotaries, clubs, etc.)
  • Corporations

If your organization is seeking a highly informative and inspirational presentation that will leave a long-lasting impression, please contact Opportunity Project today to schedule a presentation.

Please complete and return Speaker Request Form via fax (973-921-2007) or email jlondon@opportunityproject.org  or via regular mail (60 E. Willow Street, Millburn, NJ, 07041). If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact the Clubhouse.