Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Person with a Brain Injury

  1. Many people with brain injuries and other disabilities are educated, experienced and qualified to meet your workforce needs.
  2. Employees with brain injuries and other disabilities are rated similarly to their nondisabled peers in terms of performance, quality and quantity of work, flexibility, attendance, and safety.
  3. People with brain injuries and other disabilities can enhance your diversity initiative. Diverse work groups can create better solutions to business challenges.
  4. Hiring qualified people with brain injury and other disabilities is good for the economy, reducing the overall tax burden.
  5. There are tax benefits for hiring and accommodating qualified people with disabilities.
  6. Research suggests consumers feel positively toward and prefer to patronize companies that employ people with disabilities.
  7. There are approximately 38 million people – over 14% of the entire population – with disabilities in the U.S. That means 1 in every 7 people is a potential employee and /or customer.
  8. People with brain injury and other disabilities have $175 billion in discretionary income and patronize businesses that are “disability-friendly” – hiring, welcoming, and accessible to people with disabilities.
  9. Companies can enhance their bottom line by integrating people with disabilities into their workforce and customer base.
  10. Many people with disabilities acquire them later in life through medical conditions or accidents; these employees have a wealth of experience and education to add to your workforce.

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