A’s Story

Following his brain injury, A was able to obtain and successfully maintain several jobs which included dining room attendant, cart retriever, and grocery bagger.

However, these jobs abruptly came to an end; one with a site relocation, another through a job restructuring, and the third when the business closed down. After experiencing this succession of disappointments, A lost interest in pursuing gainful employment. He was content performing such Clubhouse work activities. Stocking the kitchen, tallying the member’s attendance, and posting the mail sufficiently made A feel productive and purposeful.

As time progressed, A began to miss the financial independence and gains that come with paid employment. He felt unsure about his job skills and lacked confidence in his ability to work competitively. With vocational guidance and support provided by the Opportunity Project Vocational Counselor, A became more positive and confident in himself. As part of his work adjustment training, A was able to develop effective interviewing skills.

Feeling encouraged, an informational interview was arranged at a large upscale food emporium. The store manager was so impressed with A’s work ethic and job skills that he hired A on the spot. A’s job responsibilities are to keep the customer dining area clean and orderly as well as to replenish straws, napkins, and cutlery.

A is starting his third year of employment where he continues to be commended for being a friendly, helpful, and conscientious worker.